PC3 Bullet Points

- Business Director of Represent
Creating the business
Developing the business strategically
Registering the company
Taking on employees
Setting working hours
Meeting deadlines
Creating deadlines for collections etc

- Creative Director of Represent

- Brand Development for Represent, taking the brand further and further at a constant pase, acquiring fabrics, finding suppliers, releasing products, pushing boundaries.

- Marketing Strategies for Represent including running 4 social media pages of over 100,000 followers

- Graphic Design for Represent including sketches every day, mock-ups, technical drawings, logo development, print design

- Fashion Design for Represent including creating shapes, fits, product development, pattern making

- Product Design for Represent including packaging, accessories such as lanyards, wallets, backpacks, duffle bags etc

- Fabric acquiring for Represent including sourcing fabrics worldwide

- Website Design for Represent using a base Shopify store

- Meeting and gaining Stockists for Represent including meeting prices, minimum order quantities, massive order quantities, meetings across Europe

- Gaining manufacturers for fabrics for Represent including finding swatches, matching swatches, changing weights, blends, fits, shapes etc.

- Gaining product manufacturers for Represent including researching suppliers all over the world, being able to meet prices, minimum orders, then going ahead with meetings, sending samples, showing samples, doing fit tests, developing size charts, approving details, swing tags, neck labels, packaging bags, folds, hardware, print, embroidery

- Sales for Represent including creating stock, marketing strategies, packaging, creating shipping accounts with courier services

- Lookbooks for Represent creative direction on all aspects including finding models, finding locations, acquiring props, photographers, videographers, creating styles and looks

- Product shots for Represent creative direction on all aspects including styling, placement, finding studios, photographers, videographers

- Tradeshows for Represent, displaying rails, collections, wholesale guides and line sheets and acquiring stockists

- Sale Events for Represent, Paris Be Street Weekend, selling collections to the public, and being the best selling brand out of over 50 there

- Product placement for Represent including finding Internet social media posters, bloggers

- Represent collection placement on Hypebeast blog, largest fashion blog worldwide

- Pop-up store in London for a stockists, taking stock, promoting, visiting

- Artist endorsement for Represent including internationally known artists such as Kid Ink, Mac Miller, Rizzle Kicks, X-Factor finalists and more

- Graphic Design for Pursue Fitness including logo design

- Web Design for self-promotion www.georgeheaton.co.uk

- Self-promotion via LinkedIn where I have gained many contacts

- Gained work experience at a headphone brand

- Trialed on WGSN Trend Reporting

- Attended London Collections: Mens, to gain inspiration and talk to buyers upon showing my brand there next year

- Screen Printing

- Sublimation Dying in Leicester

- Attended Body Power Expo to gain inspiration on current gymwear trends for an upcoming brand I am creating

- Attended Fresh Laces Manchester to show a collaboration piece with an exhibitor displayed in front of thousands of attendees